Terms of Service:

Connected Space services are not designed for computer programs that are setup to continuously download 24/7, every day. The vast majority of your tenants will be able to use as much internet as they want and consider this connection to be uncapped. However, those that excessively download through our network will be soft locked.

Our Apartment wifi service focuses on prioritization and will protect the quality of service for the majority of our customers, while at the same time still allowing heavy bandwidth users to continue to access internet services within certain restrictions.

Connected Space encourages responsible usage of the infrastructure and network. As a customer it is prohibited to share your network or rebroadcast your network with neighborsM. Should any customer be caught misusing infrastructure an immediate lock on the account will be placed and no additional services will be provided to that customer

Access Points:

A Connected Space router is required to be purchased as part of the installation and are required to be settled upon installation. Services cannot be activated until the router purchase has been completed.

No equipment is left on site without payment thereof.

Should a landlord or old tenant pass a router onto a new client, no services can be activation on any router with an outstanding balance Important to note, different routers are recommended for different packages and client requirements, please ensure you discuss your requirements with our team ahead of installation. Connected Space cannot be held responsible for slow speeds due to an access point being installed that cannot handle the speed requirements of the line.


Once the installation is done some tweaking normally needs to occur to ensure best connectivity is achieved. We please request clients are patient during this period as there may be outages and poor connectivity while we do the necessary work and commissioning on your line. This can take up to a maximum of a week, although we always aim to get it resolved asap.

Location of Access points:

Although all care is taken during the installation, Connected Space cannot be held liable for any damage to property.Access points are installed at the nearest power point. Should you need a different location for the access point, this will be billed at an additional R450. Connected Space does not provide internal trunking in the unit, and any additional routing requests are to be contracted to a third party by the client directly.

Access Point:

The distribution and reach on a wireless signal depends on several factors including size of apartment, thickness of walls, mirrors and interference from surrounding networks. Should the wifi access point not cover your full apartment. It becomes the client’s responsibility to extend their network as required. Connected Space cannot be held responsible for consent being revoked from Body Corporates, and should the situation arise. As this is a month to month service, a 1 month notice will be given to subscribers and cancellation needs to submitted via a cancellation form.


A cancellation notice must be submitted in writing to the support desk via whatsapp ( 0218240277) or email ( support@connectedspace.co.za) and a cancellation link must be completed by the 31st for the calendar month notice period to be in effect as from the 1st of the following month. Connected Space requires a full calendar month notice. The cancellation notice and cancellation of services is not valid unless the cancellation link is completed where the client will receive confirmation thereof.
Only the account holder can make changes or cancellations to the account. Connected Space does not remove any equipment or cabling after an installation, and it becomes the clients responsibility to remove any equipment and return any applicable Connected Space owned equipment to our offices.


If your line has been suspended due to non-payment you are still liable for the line fee for the months the line is suspended. Should you wish to cancel the billing you will need to send a cancellation request to our accounts department support@connectedspace.co.za or whatsapp -0218240277 . Should you wish to reconnect the canceled services you may be charged a reconnection fee. The reconnect fee will need to be paid before we can reconnect your services.

Voluntary suspension of services must be submitted in writing to the support desk via whatsapp or email ( support@connectedspace.co.za) and a subscription change link must be completed to implement the changes for the month ahead.
Only the account holder can make changes or cancellations to the account


Invoices are generated on the 1st of a month and are due by the 5th of a month
Pro rata invoices are raised for the month of activation from date of activation of services and due within 5 days of activation.
The tenant is required to pay monthly fees by the 5th of each month to avoid disconnection.

Connected Space – Code of Conduct

Key commitments

We commit to:
1. Act in a fair, reasonable and responsible manner in all dealings with consumers;
2. Ensure that all services and products meet the specifications as contained in their licences and all the relevant laws and regulations;
3. Not unfairly discriminate against or between consumers on the basis of race, gender, sex, age, religion, belief, disability, ethnic background or sexual orientation;
4. Display utmost courtesy and care when dealing with consumers;
5. Provide consumers with information regarding services and pricing;
6. Where requested provide consumers with guidance with regard to their customer needs;
7. Keep consumer’s personal information confidential; and
8. Advise consumers of their right to refer complaints to ICASA.”

Consumer rights

Consumer rights include (but are not limited to):
● A right to be provided with the required service without unfair discrimination;
● A right to choose the service provider of their choice;
● A right to receive information in their preferred language;
● A right to access and question records and information held by the service provider;
● A right to the protection of the consumer’s personal data, including the right not to have personal data sold to third parties without the permission of the consumer;
● A right to port a number in terms of applicable regulations;
● A right to lodge a complaint; and
● A right to redress.
All complaints or request for information can be submitted to support@connectedspace.co.za

Provision of information

Connected Space is able to provide information to our customers on account information that is accurate and easy-to-understand information relating to
● Their broad range of services/products on offer
● Tariff rates applicable to each service offered
● Terms and conditions
● Payment policies
● Billing
● Complaints handling procedures, and
● Relevant contact details.

Consumer Confidentiality

Connected Space abides by The Code of Conduct Regulations set out some general provisions regarding
privacy of consumer personal information and the obligations on licensees to protect such privacy.
Licensees are required to ensure that the personal information of consumers is only used for the purpose
permitted or required and, subject to the exceptions below, may only report or release such information to
the consumer who provided it.
Consumer information may only be released to a third party where
● Connected Space has written permission from the consumer to do so;
● Connected Space is directed to do so by an order or court;
● Connected Space is briefing an accredited debt collection agency during the debt collection process;
● Connected Space is briefing its auditors for the purpose of auditingConnected Space’s financial affairs; or such release is required or permitted by applicable law.

Service Standards

95% service availability averaged over 6 months;
95% success rate in meeting residential services installations within 30 days of request measured over 6 months
95% network service availability averaged over 6 months;
95% success rate for activations within 48 hours measured over 6 months
90% of faults cleared within 5 days measured over 6 months
Any complaints or issues can be directed to support@connectedspace.co.za