Six months free promo:
Six months free promo is valid until 31 July 2020
Connected Space has the right to cancel the promotion should users fraudulently signup
This promotion is valid for new lines only and not for existing lines or existing users – a line meaning a Connected Space line coming into the specified unit.
The promo is only valid should the promo code be inserted at signup, if it the promo code was not inserted, then the credits will not be applied.
Users are required to purchase a Connected Space router.
A connected space router is required to deliver services.

Installations after – 1 June 2020 onwards
Clients are required to purchase a Connected Space router with their installation
They have one of three options for a router
The router fee is nonrefundable
Services will not be delivered if the account is outstanding

Installations before – 31 May 2020
Up until 31 May 2020, Our home wifi service is subject to a once off R969 activation fee which will include an access point that remains the property of Connected Space. Upon cancellation of the service the tenant has 48 hours to return the access point to connected space. All those users that paid a deposit fee will be refunded for the router.

To qualify for the refund, the router needs to be delivered to the Connected Space office on the last working day of the month of cancellation. Should a technician need to come and uninstall the equipment, it will be charged at a R450 call out fee. No refunds are issued until accounts are fully paid up.

Terms of Service:
The tenant is required to pay monthly fees by the 7th of each month to avoid disconnection. Suspension of services requires a 1 calendar month notice period. Although all care is taken during the installation, Connected Space cannot be held liable for any damage to property. Our internet service is designed to allow apartment wifi tenants as much internet as they want – for some downloading, streaming media, browsing, emailing and more.
It is not designed for computer programs that are setup to continuously download 24/7, every day. The vast majority of your tenants will be able to use as much internet as they want and consider this connection to be uncapped. However, those that excessively download through our network will be soft locked.
Our Apartment wifi service focuses on prioritization and will protect the quality of service for the majority of our customers, while at the same time still allowing heavy bandwidth users to continue to access internet services within certain restrictions.
Connected Space encourages responsible usage of the infrastructure and network. As a customer it is prohibited to share your network or rebroadcast your network with neighbours. Should any customer be caught misusing infrustruce an immediate lock on the account will be placed and no additional services will be provided to that customer
Once the installation is done some tweaking normally needs to occur to ensure best connectivity is achieved. We please request clients are patient during this period as there may be outages and poor connectivity while we do the necessary work and commissioning on your line. This can take up to a maximum of a week, although we always aim to get it resolved asap.

Location of Access points:
Access points are installed by the roof by the front door of the inside of your apartment entrance. Should you need a different location for the access point, this will be billed at an additional R450

Access Point:
The distribution and reach on a wireless signal depends on several factors including size of apartment, thickness of walls, mirrors and interference from surrounding networks. Should the wifi access point not cover your full apartment. It becomes the client’s responsibility to extend their network as required.

Connected Space cannot be held responsible for consent being revoked from Body Corporates, and should the situation arise. As this is a month to month service, a 1 month notice will be given to subscribers and cancellation needs to submitted via a cancellation form.
A cancellation notice must be submitted and completed by the 31st of the month for the month ahead. Connected Space requires a full calendar month notice.

If your line has been suspended due to non-payment you are still liable for the line fee for the months the line is suspended. Should you wish to cancel the billing you will need to send a cancellation request to our accounts department or whatsapp -0218240277 . Should you wish to reconnect the cancelled services you may be charged a re-connection fee. The reconnect fee will need to be paid before we can reconnect your services.